The Project

The INGAME project has a strong focus on online games and digital skills for the development of civil literacy and skills of young adults. This is a new area of skills development that will be fully developed and provided through sophisticated ICT tools, deploying the latest evolutions in educational technology by building on the umbrella skills of civil engagement through online gaming. INGAME will directly and indirectly improve the digital, language, reading, communication and collaboration skills of the users and will also introduce and integrate gaming in school teaching methods and practices, specifically those relating to the fields of civil literacy and pedagogy. The combination of innovation and education shall motivate users for informal, out-of-classroom, learning and civic engagement. The overall value of the game will be to enhance critical reflection on social and political circumstances through simulated experiences, build skills and stimulate interest for collective engagement with the wider community both at the local and at the EU level.

The General Objective is to develop and implement innovative game-based methods as an informal education practice toward the cultivation of civic values

The Specific objective is to enhance the acquisition of social and civic competences and foster knowledge, understanding and ownership of civic values and rights.

Project Partners

Coordinator – Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)

Educational Association Anatolia (Greece)

Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

ZB&V (the Netherlands)

Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus)

OXFAM Italia (Italy)

Symplexis (Greece)

Danmar Computers Sp. z o.o. (Poland)


Work in progress…

Growing up and becoming aware of the difference between sex and gender, gender identities, gender roles, and gender (in)equality. And that’s only the first engaging level… We’re in the middle …

Work in progress: news from ZB&V

ZB&V has been working out a frame narrative (story and plot) and proposed a structure for the game’s thematic episodes. These thematic episodes were inspired by the main ‘fields of action’ distilled …