The Context

Civic competences as described by the EU involve active participation, equality, equity, social justice, and active interest in democratic institutions. However, various international reports indicated that there are declining levels of civic engagement among EU citizens, linked to limited accessibility to civic education and lack of knowledge of the EU civic environment. Despite the internet, its online information and communication sources, this knowledge is apparently not actively sought after by EU citizens.

Young people are frantic users of the digital universe in general, and many of them are passionate and engaged gamers. Yet they are – in terms of active citizenship – seen as the most disengaged (and uninformed) group of citizens.

Still, there is hope that with the proper inspiration, motivation and education these young adults can become active citizens, perhaps even role models of civic engagement and potential educators of an even younger generation.

The Game

Serious gaming (i.e. gaming with an educational objective) can provide the opportunity to take a closer look at civic values, civil skills and competencies and make them (again) attractive and valuable to the younger generation: this project focuses on young adults between the ages of 18 and 35.

The interactive (and collaborative) character of a game and the opportunities to share and discuss insights with co-players and others in the social environment, can provide added value, also in the sense of fuelling personal and shared values.

Moved by the particular need to provide targeted civic education the INGAME team is developing an innovative and attractive educational online game to inspire active civic engagement.

It will be a role-playing adventure that will allow users to explore previously inaccessible settings in the specific fields of civic participation, social inclusion and gender equality.

The project team is not skating on thin ice. The game’s content will be based on national (policy and needs) research, inputs from (national) target groups and stakeholders and in-deep questionnaire surveys. A transnational report (including conclusions and recommendations) will reveal the direction of the game’s narrative(s).

Playing this game will inspire and boost civil literacy and civic skills and competences of the players. It will also offer tools to promote tolerance, mutual respect and active citizenship in their respective (social) contexts, and make these issues discussable. It will contribute to a positive awareness of the potential and the opportunities of democracy.

Follow us, talk with us.

Target groups, stakeholders and ‘critical friends’ will be invited to follow the developments and give feedback. For this we will be present on different social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The Training Material

In the course of the project we will also develop blended training material (face-to-face and online modules). It will be open and available at some point on our online platform [add link when relevant] for all youth practitioners, youth and stakeholders who wish to improve their skills and competences related to the social inclusion and civic participation methods, pedagogies, skills and knowledge on the basis of the methodologies developed in the framework of the project.