Work in progress: news from ZB&V

ZB&V has been working out a frame narrative (story and plot) and proposed a structure for the game’s thematic episodes.

These thematic episodes were inspired by the main ‘fields of action’ distilled by the consortium’s partners from the national need analyses and target group surveys.

Thus, they focus on social and/or civic engagement and civic responsibility and participation in the areas of gender equality, education, social inclusion, environment (and sustainability), urban living and current (and sometimes recurring) global issues. Care is taken to ensure that the game is not only fun to play but also challenges and invites reflection and action from both native and non-native (e.g. migrants, immigrants) young people aged 16-35.

The game will be a 2D (single player) puzzle game, with a hero that through trial and error ‘comes to age’ (and wisdom) while the game continues.

Meanwhile, the first episode has been conceived and will be further developed by ZB&V, Oxfam and CSI to be presented to the other partners (i.e. the game designers and builders). After content- and technical consultation, the first episode will be worked out and presented to potential users (i.e. student groups), and after feedback the following episodes can be created and worked out.