Work in progress: news from Educational Association Anatolia

Educational Association Anatolia (EAA) is the partner responsible for INGAME Educational Design, Storyline and Narrative for the online game for civic engagement.

During the last months the EAA team met the colleagues in two scheduled online meetings related to the development of the game. They also worked on the guidelines for the project deliverable which is focused on the pedagogical parameters of INGAME. These guidelines are available here for download.

In the next months, the EEA team will continue leading and organizing the tasks on INGAME Educational Design, Storyline and Narrative. Following the review of documents produced so far, the EEA team will prepare the guidelines for the final format of the narrative/storyboard/plot of the INGAME and will expect the final outcomes by the fall of 2021.

The EEA team suggested to the project leader, University of Salamanca, the possibility of including an advisory board of College students that will assist the development of WP3. The leader agreed and right now we have two advisory groups of volunteer students (one in EAA and another in the University of Salamanca) to which we have already explaining the project deliverables; we will work together for the creation of the INGAME.